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ASI’s GenASIs Automated Imaging Platforms for Genetic and Pathological Analysis are the foundation of ASI’s offering. With superior imaging and analysis capabilities, ASI provides state of the art diagnostic aids, offering cytogeneticists and pathologists accurate analysis. GenASIs enables automated tissue analysis for primary diagnostics, with reproducible and reliable results. GenASIs Hyperspectral with HiSKY® Probes adds a new dimension to biomedical image analysis.


GenASIs Capture and Analysis , BandView® is ASI's fully-automated image acquisition and analysis system for Karyotyping. It can be run either as an independent karyotyping system and upgraded to FISHView or HiSKY. With the assistance of user input, ASI has created a user friendly and accurate karyotyping system. More info
The fluorescent in situ hybridization technique (FISH), or chromosome painting, is used for the chromosomal location of a specific DNA (or RNA) probe. First, the probe is labeled with a fluorescent dye. It is then added to a chromosomal preparation and after annealing occurs, the chromosomes are viewed under a fluorescent microscope. The probe hybridizes to the chromosome carrying the sequence of interest. If the species has been characterized cytogenetically, the marker can be assigned to the appropriate chromosome.  More info
Spectral Karyotyping    
HiSKY, the supreme multicolor FISH application available in today's market, incorporates user friendliness and simplicity with many popular tools and improvements to SKY. These advanced features include a list of new user interface elements, advanced algorithms and improved capabilities, allowing easier work that brings faster and more informative results. Users new to multicolor FISH will find HiSKY a must to add to their arsenal of research and diagnostic tools. Hundreds of professional articles attest to the HiSky's proven success in attaining definitive results. More info
Metaphase Finder    


GenASIs Scan and Analysis, MetScan automates the often tedious and laborious task of searching for metaphases by using ASI’s unique automated or semi-automated metaphase finder.


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Spot Scanning    


GenASIs Scan & Analysis, SpotScan automatically counts enumeration, amplification and translocation probes, providing dedicated algorithms for multi-fusion probes and intensity ratios for DMs and HSRs for research use. 

Cells are sorted based on their signal pattern and displayed in a gallery for review.   GenASIs Scan & Analysis, SpotScan handles non-uniformities of illumination, cell clusters and background noise


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ASI's solution for Her2/neu tissue samples, GenASIs Scan and Analysia, SpotScan is a powerful cost-effective software module that can be added to any FISH capture station. The module was optimized to yield the best throughput and accuracy while maintaining the pathologist's existing flow.

Special and novel tools were designed to enable the segmentation of the very dense cell structure typical to breast tumor samples. User interface enables any desired modification and reports are customized to give statistical and image information.

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GenASIs HiPath helps to reduce subjectivity by scoring all detected cells. A higher cell count means the statistical value of the results is more accurate ad represents a valuable quantitative analysis of the tissue.

Multiple Tests:
GemASIs HiPath supports analysis of a variety of antibodies and bright field ISH samples ( eg. HER2, ER, PR, Ki-67, CISH )
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GenASIs HiPath is a computer aided evaluation for immunohistochemistry and CISH assays that assists pathologists in reaching accurate, repeatable and standardized analysis. An easy to use tool that integrates with any standard microscope, GenASIs HiPath offers labs all the benefits of digital pathology without having to make a large upfront investment in WSI.
    HER2 CISH assay is an FDA-approved alternative to HER2 fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH). With a nearly 100% concordance rate with HER2 FISH, HER2 CISH allows pathologists to view tissue morphology and gene expression simultaneously by utilizing a bright-field microscope.
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