ASI develops and manufactures imaging spectroscopy instruments for applications in Microscopy and Remote Sensing for Research, Medical and Industrial environment.

Spectral Imaging    

The SpectraView® spectral imaging system is a flexible image analysis "tool kit" that detects chemical differences in your sample, even those that are hidden from the eye.

The spectral range of the system is 400-900 nm. The efficiency in this range is not constant, and it can be plotted as a graph that peaks around 550-600 nm and goes down from this range to the edges. At 400 and 900 nm, it will go down to about 5-10% from the peak. While it may measure some data above 350 nm, it will not measure any data below that wavelength. For NIR measurement the range can reach 1000, 1050, 1100nm.

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Spectral SKY    

HiSKY, the supreme multicolor FISH application available in today's market, incorporates user friendliness and simplicity with many popular tools and improvements to SKY. These advanced features include a list of new user interface elements, advanced algorithms and improved capabilities, allowing easier work that brings faster and more informative results.

Users new to multicolor FISH will find HiSKY a must to add to their arsenal of research and diagnostic tools. Hundreds of professional articles attest to the HiSky's proven success in attaining definitive result.

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Spectral FISH    

Spectral FISH is a sub mode of HiSKY that enables performing the combinatorial analysis on various FISH probes such as BAC’s, selected whole chromosome paint, color banding of chromosomes, telemoric probes etc.

• Appropriate for simple and highly complex FISH samples  • Resolving spectrally overlap dyes (correct for cross-talk)

• Enables all advanced capabilities that exist in HiSKY and does not exist in traditional FISH systems: Classification, dyes ratio etc   

• Enables the analysis of color band chromosomes

• Existing SKY filter or standard RGB filter is suitable for most dye combinations

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