Cytogenetic/ Pathology / Spectral Imaging Software - APPLIED SPECTRAL IMAGING (ASI)

A leading developer and manufacturer of comprehensive solutions for Pathology and Cytogenetics imaging computer aided technology and data management needs.

ASI’s GenASIs Automated Imaging Platforms for Genetic and Pathological Analysis are the foundation of ASI’s offering. With superior imaging and analysis capabilities, ASI provides state of the art diagnostic aids, offering cytogeneticists and pathologists accurate analysis. GenASIs enables automated tissue analysis for primary diagnostics, with reproducible and reliable results. GenASIs Hyperspectral with HiSKY® Probes adds a new dimension to biomedical image analysis.


A state-of-the-art system for digital chromosome analysis, featuring computer-aided counting, indexing and karyotyping, as well as automated unattended scanning. HiBand provides significantly increased lab productivity and higher diagnostic confidence for Cytogenetic labs. read more


An industry-leading solution for digital FISH diagnostics, providing computational analysis and automated workflows. HiFISH provides automatic cell and signal detection, powerful algorithms for accurate classification and start & walkaway scanning, with onscreen review for significantly improved user experience.. read more


An all-in-one imaging & analysis solution for digital karyotyping and FISH diagnostics. Automated workflows, powerful algorithms and feature-rich software provide optimized lab productivity and greater confidence in patient assessment for Cytogenetic labs. read more


A unique Brightfield imaging & analysis system for a variety of histopathology needs, including Quantitative IHC Scoring and Whole Slide Imaging of H&E/IHC samples. Through precise computer-assisted analysis and exceptional image quality, HiPath Pro provides uncompromising results standardization and enhances collaboration. read more


A cutting-edge diagnostics solution, bridging the gap between Brightfield pathology and FISH. Combining Whole Slide Imaging, digital FISH analysis and revolutionary digital tissue matching of FISH with H&E/IHC samples, PathFusion provides accurate and validated analysis for higher diagnostic confidence. read more


An advanced multi-color imaging & analysis solution for Brightfield and Fluorescence samples, addressing Research needs of clinical laboratories by extracting quantitative, spectral and morphological information on cell-biology. read more

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We are a specialist supplier of microscopes, scientific imaging equipment/ systems...

The company was established in 2001 and since then we have established ourselves as a leading supplier...

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Microscope Systems, Scientific Cameras, Cytogenetic / Pathology / Spectral Imaging Software...

Tissue & Sample Processing, General Lab Equipment, Molecular Cytogenetic Probes, Pathology/Histology Equipment, Accessories, Rental Services...

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Our mission is to be a specialist trading company in the scientific products we represent...

With our trained sales force, application support and service personnel, we provide a total solutions package to suit our customer's requirements.

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