General Lab equipment - OHAUS, USA


OHAUS Centrifuges are perfect for almost every application with models available to spin 1.5ml to 250ml tubes using both angle and swing-out rotors. Browse our range of models for more detailed product information and features. Made in Germany. read more


OHAUS offers a wide range of shakers from basic orbital shakers , extreme environment shakers to rocking/ waving shakers. read more

Incubating & Incubating Cooling Shakers

OHAUS Incubating Cooling Shakers are innovatively designed to incubate samples from 10°C below ambient to 65°C providing accurate and repeatable results. Sturdy shakers feature triple eccentric drive systems for stable orbital motion with microprocessor-control for reliable shaking action. read more

Vortex Mixers

Whether mixing reagents of an assay in a biochemistry laboratory or suspending cells in a microbiology laboratory, the process of mixing is essential for day-to-day lab operations. OHAUS offers a range of Vortex Mixers that are designed to handle everything from low to high capacities, various densities to gentle or vigorous vortexing action - depending on your application. read more

Dry Block Heaters

Versatile Dry Block Heaters are ideal for applications that require temperature stability. All units hold one optional interchangeable modular block with over 40 choices. Close tube-to-block contact enables maximum heat retention, resulting in efficient heating. Digital models offer exceptional temperature uniformity and stability for repeatable results, while non-digital models are an economical choice. read more

Water Analysis Meters & Electrodes

OHAUS water analysis meters can be used to measure a number of parameters including pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity and more. Our benchtop and portable meters are perfect for use in lab or food manufacturing environments. The OHAUS range extends from user-friendly economic meters to premium performance meters. read more

Who We Are

We are a specialist supplier of microscopes, scientific imaging equipment/ systems...

The company was established in 2001 and since then we have established ourselves as a leading supplier...

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Our Product

Microscope Systems, Scientific Cameras, Cytogenetic / Pathology / Spectral Imaging Software...

Tissue & Sample Processing, General Lab Equipment, Molecular Cytogenetic Probes, Pathology/Histology Equipment, Accessories, Rental Services...

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Our mission is to be a specialist trading company in the scientific products we represent...

With our trained sales force, application support and service personnel, we provide a total solutions package to suit our customer's requirements.

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