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EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmBH

EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmBH manufacture precision equipment ranging from cutting ang grinding equipment for cutting difficult samples in dental and bone implantation research. In industry, Exakt equipment are used for difficult materials such as composites , electronic components etc.

Diamond Band Saws

Due to increasing technological development, more and more material combinations (composites) are used in industrial areas today. The list of material combinations that can be cut and therefore of the applications for our saws has thus expanded dramatically. Our response to this is the further enhancement and expansion of our saws to meet your needs.

Our diamond band saws (not to be confused with wire saws!) have proven themselves over the years, especially for cutting difficult materials and material combinations in materials research and development, quality assurance, production, and medical implant research. read more

Pathology Saws

Specially developed for the requirements of Pathology this New Precision Saw is designed for efficient preparation of fresh and hard tissue as well as implants.

The concept meets the requirements for perfect histological evaluation. The EXAKT pathology saw minimises the loss of specimen information due to its optimised design.

Operation, cleaning and safety are thought-out in every detail based on practical experience. read more

Grinding Systems

For more than 15 years, we have been perfecting grinding devices with the goal of achieving outstanding surface quality paired with the greatest plane-parallelism. Our strengths lie in the processing of difficult materials and hard/soft combinations.

The advantages of the EXAKT 400CS - the greatest plane-parallelism and outstanding surface quality - are, among other things, the prerequisite for creating a thin-ground section. Sample thicknesses in the range of 20 µm can be achieved easily. The deviation of the sample thickness after the grinding lies within a precision of approx. +/- 1.5 µm. For this we use special grinding papers and grinding films.

The EXAKT 400CS plate grinder with basic equipment is configured so that it switches off automatically once it has reached a specified target value. read more

Who We Are

We are a specialist supplier of microscopes, scientific imaging equipment/ systems...

The company was established in 2001 and since then we have established ourselves as a leading supplier...

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Our Product

Microscope Systems, Scientific Cameras, Cytogenetic / Pathology / Spectral Imaging Software...

Tissue & Sample Processing, General Lab Equipment, Molecular Cytogenetic Probes, Pathology/Histology Equipment, Accessories, Rental Services...

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Our mission is to be a specialist trading company in the scientific products we represent...

With our trained sales force, application support and service personnel, we provide a total solutions package to suit our customer's requirements.

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