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More people are involved in digital imaging application that ever before. As the cost of digital cameras has come down, the speed has become faster and the image quality better. Those advances have provided the opportunity for many laboratories to become involved with these applications.

microLAMBDA Sdn Bhd has a range of digital cameras which covers a broad range of applications and are priced to fit the budget of just about everyone. Choosing the right camera involves more than just knowing the technical characteristics. An understanding of the application for which it will be used is also important as is the budget you have for making the purchase.

We have more than 20 years experience in this field and will be more than happy to assist you with all your technical needs.

Scientific Cameras

These high performance quantitative digital CCD, EMCCD and Scientific CMOS cameras are designed for life science microscopy and industrial imaging applications.

Microscope camera for fluorescence imaging for Multichannel fluorescence and low light fluorescence . It represents a breakthrough in scientific imaging which extends the limits of detection , quantification and accuracy . It is ideal for time lapse, tile and stitch and stereo microscopy with incredible field of view , high frame rates , sensitivity and low noise . read more

Publication/ Documentation

Micropublisher 6 features large field of view , 6 mp for high image detail and quality .Low noise electronics , high quantum efficiency and regulated cooling for fluorescence and other low light samples are featured. read more

Physiology research

The Retiga ELECTRO is a cooled 1.4MP camera with zero vibration so you can excel at the unique challenges of electrophysiology. The camera’s advanced technical features were designed to enable the electrophysiologist careful electrode placement, without exogenous noise that pollute recordings. read more

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